~ to create a matrix of healing for the planet ~

Create mindfully ~ Inspire thoughtfully ~ Heal globally



Planet ~ People ~ Process ~ Passion ~ Pride ~ Product ~ Present - Presence
Patience ~ Prayer ~ Prosperity ~ Pivot ~ Philanthropy ~ Gratitude


To create and ship beautiful timeless objects, made with mindfulness;

finding ways to evolve, adapt and constantly improve our mission, our systems and ourselves,

while creating a culture of inclusion, understanding and kindness

that supports and inspires all who work with us [no matter the direction we may take]

to be better, smarter, more generous, caring, compassionate, open-minded, resilient, thoughtful, healthy and happy human beings. 

A global eco and socially conscious luxury lifestyle brand rooted in philanthropy

with a special focus on the hospitality industry:

our mission is to be a sustainable and compassionate company

that will be around for generations to come!


( We give ourselves permission to be a work in progress! )



~ We don't do perfect! If you love Humble Ceramics, you embrace our flaws and imperfections! ~








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100% of our electricity is now provided from wind energy via Arcadia Power

We are extremely mindful of our water consumption, use Carbon Neutral shipping anytime it's an option, reuse and recycle as many packaging products as possible for local pick-ups, use as many bio-degradable materials as possible or choose recycled materials when we have the option. We pack in such a way that you can reuse most of the materials except the outer box and we're working towards more ways to be better ...

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We don't do "perfect" ! 

If you love Humble Ceramics, you embrace our flaws and imperfections ...

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